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We’re always looking for volunteers who want to grow personally and professionally in our team.

  • Keyboard computer copywriter
      part time work
      urgent job
      Posted 2 days ago

    We are looking for fundraising specialists to implement the programs of our charitable foundation

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    human resources specialist
      2 years experience
      urgent job
      Posted 3 days ago

    We need a human resources specialist to organize the work of volunteers

  • brushes palette paints sheet paper hand artist
      1 year experience
      urgent job
      Posted 1 day ago

    If you have a passion for visual storytelling and you love drawing and colors, join our talented team as a graphic designer artist. You will create visual concepts that convey information through art and photographs.

  • pencil text paper editor
      1 year experience
      urgent job
      Posted 1 day ago

    If you are a professional English speaker (or maybe any other language(s) as well) and like to create excellent, accurate texts, you will definitely enjoy this offer. We invite editors and proofreaders with excellent knowledge of English to join our team.

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We Need Your Help

Millions of people around the world need help, and you can provide this help. We are looking for active people for whom helping the needy is a vocation and who are ready to use their full potential for the benefit of humanity. We welcome those looking for opportunities to realize their potential for humanitarian purposes.

The "Helping War Victims" charity foundation has a clear structure, so everyone who joins our team will receive strictly defined tasks. You can be involved in a humanitarian mission in the field, distributing aid, or providing medical services. You can become a coordinator who will provide communication between different links in the fund chain, etc.


Knowledge of several languages is required (at least English and Spanish) as you will have to communicate with refugees. First aid skills are required for field staff. 

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Feel free to contact us if you need any help

If you are in need of temporary asylum, humanitarian aid, or other assistance, please contact us in any convenient way.

Contact us for the nearest "Helping War Victims" center address. You can call us, write to us by email, on social networks, or come to our volunteer center in Ukraine.


    + 37067045284 (WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM)

  • business address

    Perkunkiemio st. 19, Vilnius 12129, Lithuania

  • warehouse for humanitarian cargo

    Okszowska St. 14, 22-100 Chelm, poland