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The war started by the Russian Federation is still going on in Ukraine. This means that every day, Ukraine bears losses. Not only material losses but, unfortunately, also human losses. Both military and civilians are injured. The UN Secretary General’s report dated December 19, 2022, states that almost 11,000 civilians were seriously injured as a result of the war started by Russia on the territory of Ukraine. There are 252 children among them. This is the official information obtained so far, but in reality, the number of victims may be much more and has a negative growth trend. We are trying to do everything possible to save the lives of our military and civilians. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reports that during military operations, the greatest threat to the wounded is critical bleeding, which needs to be stopped immediately. Sometimes, an injured person does not have time to be transported to the hospital to provide qualified assistance. Then, the person dies from blood loss. The rescue takes only a few minutes. If you don't have the means to stop the bleeding, the injured person may die before reaching the hospital, where doctors could prevent a fatal outcome.

On average, an adult has 5 liters of blood. The Loss of one and a half liters causes weakness, thirst, restlessness, and shortness of breath, and the loss of two liters — dizziness confusion, a person falls into amnesia. With more significant losses, the organs do not receive sufficient oxygen, and hypoxia begins, causing the death of brain cells. Tourniquets, occlusive dressings, and bandages do not treat or heal wounds but provide valuable time for the injured and the medics. Situations are unpredictable; sometimes, the way to the victim or the hospital is complicated, so every minute is essential in war. To give a person a chance to be saved, we have created a program to purchase tourniquets, occlusive dressings, and Israeli bandages to stop bleeding. Medics use them during the transportation of the wounded. Also, the advantage of such turnstiles is that military personnel can independently provide first aid even using only one hand. So, in this case, there are three necessary things to stop bleeding: a tourniquet, a hemostatic bandage, and a dressing bandage.

Modern Israeli tourniquets are known for their quality all over the world and are included in the standard kit of a military first aid kit. They remain usable even in humid environments. They are portable and easy to move with you. They are convenient to use because the elastic material is easily fixed on the limb. In the set, a particular tab is added to the tourniquet to record the time when the product was applied. The occlusive dressing promotes rapid wound healing and surrounding tissue sealing from the air. This Prevents the entry of infections, viruses, and bacteria. A dressing bandage that reliably protects the wound area, equipped with a sterile pillow, allowing you to evenly and effectively compress the wound, costs 9.95 dollars. 

This is the cost of a bandage and a piece of plastic and the opportunity to save a life. With our joint efforts, the foundation has already purchased 300 turnstiles and has transferred them to the needs of the military, namely to Brigade 126. The military personnel already use them in practice and give positive feedback. So, we plan to continue supplying our military and civilians with the means to stop bleeding, as these are first aid items. To support this program, click on the "Donate" button. The Ukrainian military is ready to give their lives for our safety, so we must do everything to save them and all our fellow citizens who need help!

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