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Ukrainian society, as a nation, faced the most terrible war it has ever experienced. Ukrainian kids, whose eyes used to be filled with love and happiness, began to see horrible pictures of the Ukrainian present. Their parents, who had previously thought about a happy future, temporarily lost their sense of life. The Ukrainian military, doctors, and emergency services work every day in harsh, superhuman conditions - almost without sleep, constantly under stress, and taking considerable risks for their lives. It is hard for them, but they hold on. But will the psyche of each of them hold out?Civilians are getting used to what the human psyche should not get used to - constant air raids and the risk of not waking up in the morning. This list can be pretty long and depressing, but these are the modern Ukrainian realities.

Despite this, we are more united than ever, and each is working on our own "front."One of the "fronts" of our foundation is psychological.There is no doubt that after the above, most Ukrainians will face psychological problems. According to the analysis of domestic psychologists, about 40% of people will have post-traumatic stress disorder after the war. It is naive to think this disorder is inherent only to military people. In Ukraine, many civilians suffer from terrible shelling and loss of their relatives and friends, losing their property, and reading horrible news daily. These and other factors can lead to PTSD and other mental disorders.

RAISED - $4.450

gOAL - $5.000.000

dONORS - 345

Therefore, we set a goal to create the "center for social and psychological rehabilitation," which will provide a full range of psychological assistance to children and adults.This is, first of all, diagnostics.Detection of the level of psychological disorder of a person, diagnosis of the level of post-traumatic stress disorder following the example of Israel and the United States.Psychological rehabilitation. With the support of the world's leading methods, we plan to work with post-traumatic stress disorder, its consequences, emotional disorders, personality crises, and family therapy.Educational activities.The center's clients will have the opportunity to gain practical skills and skills that will help them better understand and experience their own emotions of anger, anxiety, sadness, and other conditions.The center's psychologists will provide knowledge that will help them better understand themselves and society.Focus on adaptation in society.With prolonged war trauma, a person may not want to communicate with others and distrust the world. We plan to pay special attention to working with people who have lost limbs because of the fighting. The TV screens show pictures of how people without limbs live everyday lives. However, this is only a "facade." the reality is a radical change in life, perception of oneself, personal crisis, and difficulty performing previously ordinary and straightforward tasks. A person's routine changes quickly and unexpectedly, as well as the routine of his family and friends, who also have to face the difficulty of adaptation, with changes in the person they used to know differently. That is why we see this group of people recover through the systematic psychological and social work that will take place in our center.According to our plan, the center will be located in the Kyiv region and built from scratch. We want to give people a new experience in a symbolically new building. We will be able to host up to two hundred people who share their stories in workshops and group or online sessions.The standard or similar experience of the center's clients and competent therapy will help people who seek help not feel alone with their problems and encourage social contact. In the modern world, there are no other people's problems. The war in Ukraine is a war of civilization against underdevelopment. Ukrainians do not want to suffer; they want to live as complete a life as possible. To do this, they need skilled rehabilitation and financial assistance from partners who will help provide it.We know that health is the main component without which a person cannot live.So please join the fight for the psychological health of ukrainians.


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