Demining Ukraine: Reclaim Lives, Restore Communities, and Safeguard Global Food Security


This is our charity project dedicated to demining Ukraine's territories and bringing hope to affected communities. The invasion by Russia has left over a quarter of Ukraine contaminated with landmines and unexploded ordnances (UXOs), causing widespread suffering and endangering lives. Your generous donations can significantly impact eliminating these deadly remnants, safeguarding civilians, and facilitating the recovery of affected regions. Please join us in this crucial endeavor to secure a safer future for Ukraine and protect global food security! Our comprehensive charity program aims to address the urgent demining needs in Ukraine, employing a multi-faceted approach. By collaborating with local and international organizations, we strive to clear contaminated areas, provide essential support to affected communities, raise awareness about the devastating consequences of landmines, and promote sustainable recovery. Here's how your contributions can help:

1. Demining operations: Statistics reveal the urgent need for demining efforts in Ukraine:- Over 2 million people in Ukraine are at risk of landmine-related dangers.- Ukraine ranks fifth globally in civilian casualties caused by landmines and UXOs.- Landmine accidents result in an average of 3 civilian fatalities or injuries daily.- Approximately 62000 square miles of Ukrainian territory were contaminated with landmines and munitions.
Your donations will fund: - Training programs and equipment for demining teams.- Deployment of demining specialists to high-risk regions.- Procurement of specialized tools, such as metal detectors and bomb de-arming kits.- Creation of safe environments for communities, including farmland and critical infrastructure.- Demarcation and mapping of agricultural lands to ensure safe farming practices and prevent unintended explosions during cultivation.

2. Education and Awareness: Promoting knowledge and awareness is crucial to reducing landmine risks.Your support will enable us to: - Provide life-saving information and education to civilians, empowering them to recognize signs of danger and avoid hazardous areas.- Train staff and community members to respond to landmine-related incidents effectively.- Establish and maintain training centers with the necessary resources for educating the public and training demining specialists.- Distribute educational materials and conduct awareness campaigns to reach a broader audience.- Develop comprehensive training programs for deminers to enhance their expertise and safety.
3. Support for Farmers and Agriculture: Ukraine's agriculture sector, particularly its wheat production, has been severely impacted by landmines, endangering lives and global food security.
Your donations will help:
- Provide financial assistance and grants to farmers affected by landmine contamination.
- Facilitate access to alternative employment opportunities for affected farmers.
- Support agricultural initiatives promoting recovery and rebuilding, including land rehabilitation and soil remediation.
- Invest in technologies and resources to enhance safe farming practices in contaminated areas.
- Safeguard Ukraine's position as a leading global exporter of wheat and grains, ensuring food security for vulnerable regions, including African countries heavily dependent on Ukrainian grain imports.
- Encourage the practice of field swapping, allowing farmers to cultivate land in demined areas. In contrast, their contaminated fields undergo clearance, preventing disruptions in the grain market and potential famine in African countries.
4. Environmental Rehabilitation and Animal Welfare: The presence of landmines not only poses risks to human lives but also threatens the environment and animal welfare.
Your contributions will:
- Support the removal of landmines from critical areas surrounding energy infrastructures, preserving natural resources and preventing potential catastrophes.
- Promote landmine-free environments that provide safe access to essential resources, ensuring the well-being of both humans and animals.
- Collaborate with environmental organizations to rehabilitate affected areas and restore ecosystems affected by landmine contamination.
- Encourage initiatives for the welfare and protection of animals affected by the aftermath of war, ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve. By supporting our charity program, you play a vital role in demining Ukraine's territories, protecting lives, promoting sustainable recovery, and safeguarding global food security. Together, we can eliminate the threat of landmines, revitalize communities, and prevent a potential grain market crisis that could lead to famine.

  • What we need

    ● financial assistance● grant programs ● mine detectors● transport for deminers

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    If you want to send humanitarian aid, here is the shipping address: Okszowska st. 14, 22-100 Chełm, Poland.
    Please contact us before shipping aid.


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