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Housing repair and reconstruction program from february 24 to october 18, almost 160000 damaged or completely destroyed houses were recorded in territories not under russian occupation. According to data from july 2022, Iryna Vereshchuk, vice prime minister for the reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories, said that 800000 people lost their homes due to the war in Ukraine. These are people who have nowhere else to return, and currently, they are internally displaced persons or are in European countries that help them. Despite this, we understand any temporary shelter is not a sign of stability in the lives of these people because stability has gone from their lives along with the destroyed apartments in which the residents lived a large part of their lives. We have a clear and understandable plan that will result in more families regaining housing and stability. To implement this plan, we, first of all, need construction materials. Ukrainians are sufficiently united and will help each other rebuild the destroyed houses, but for this, they need materials that we can provide them, along with the support of all caring people. Also, we ask for help in logistics.

The delivery of construction materials will be a common symbol of the struggle of people from absolutely different countries and citiesinf Ukraine. The problem of rebuilding Ukrainian infrastructure is critical at the moment. This year, we can celebrate the christmas holidays with by, instead of the usual festive lanterns and lamps. All this is due to rocket attacks on the infrastructure facilities of Ukraine, in the reconstruction of which we plan to participate. With the participation of caring people, we will do everything so that light shines in every window again. To join our project is to help thousands of Ukrainian families feel at home again. This is a feeling that they have lost, but we want to help rebuild or repair their houses and give them this feeling that was forgotten because of the war.

RAISED - $4.560

gOAL - $8.000.000

dONORS - 1261

One of our goals is to help the Ukrainian people rebuild their destroyed housing and infrastructure. We owe it to them to help them as they stand up for the democratic values of the entire Western world 

  • What we need

    ● roof coverings● construction materials● cement● putties

  • Volunteer center

    If you want to send humanitarian aid, here is the shipping address: Okszowska st. 14, 22-100 Chełm, Poland.
    Please contact us before shipping aid.


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If you are in need of temporary asylum, humanitarian aid, or other assistance, please contact us in any convenient way.

Contact us for the nearest "Helping War Victims" center address. You can call us, write to us by email, on social networks, or come to our volunteer center in Ukraine.