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    Anita Elodia

With the beginning of the full-scale war, the Ukrainian society faced the problem of a humanitarian crisis. Periodically, we see pictures of local residents, along with the entire country, rejoicing at the liberation of settlements that were under the occupation of Russia for a long time. During this time, many people living in these territories have exhausted their food and financial reserves. Their wallets were emptied along with store shelves. Together with caring people and donors, the "Helping War Victims" Foundation provides humanitarian aid to people who need it first and foremost.

In December, together with the soldiers of the 126th separate territorial defense brigade of the city of Odesa, we were able to deliver humanitarian aid to the de-occupied villages of the Kherson region. The local residents did not hold back tears and words of thanks. For these people, help is extremely necessary. Sometimes it is about the problem of survival. The most difficult winter in history is ahead of us, so there is a need for long-term storage products, warm underwear, socks, hats, sleeping bags, warm clothes, etc. The Volunteers of our fund appeal to all those who care with a call to help collect humanitarian goods for Ukrainians who need them. Please do this using the "Donate" button below. And you can also contact us and we will clarify all the possible options for the delivery of humanitarian goods.

RAISED - $1546

gOAL - $7.500.000

dONORS - 126

Our main goal now is to provide those who were forced to evacuate with basic necessities, food, drinks, and clothes.We have organized a crisis volunteer office in the city of Odesa — there we collect humanitarian aid to deliver it to the victims as soon as possible. Also, you can join us there as a volunteer.Our foundation raises funds for the purchase of humanitarian aid.

  • What we need

    ● stored foods● canned meat and fish● pasta● sugar● flour● canned soups● instant food● canned fruit● tea bags● instant coffee● powdered milk● vegetables● snack● bottled water ● juice● oil● spadhetti● cereals● soap● washing powder● shower gel● shampoo● toothbrush● toothpaste● personal care products

  • Volunteer center

    If you want to send humanitarian aid, here is the shipping address: Okszowska st. 14, 22-100 Chełm, Poland.
    Please contact us before shipping aid.


Feel free to contact us if you need any help

If you are in need of temporary asylum, humanitarian aid, or other assistance, please contact us in any convenient way.

Contact us for the nearest "Helping War Victims" center address. You can call us, write to us by email, on social networks, or come to our volunteer center in Ukraine.