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Children's hearts in this difficult time for the country, our fund provides assistance to absolutely all segments of the population who need it. This happens thanks to the help of partners and ordinary people. The problem of the lack of devices for the treatment of children, as well as medicines, is currently very acute. Statistics of cardiovascular diseases in children are growing every year. On average, approximately 6,000 children with heart defects of various degrees are born in Ukraine every year. Because of these diseases, the child's heart cannot function fully, which makes the life of a small person very difficult.

Gore-Tex prevents damage to the pericardial membrane. Despite the war, the problems of children's diseases are, as before, a priority for us. The more donors, the greater the number of hospitals with modern equipment and saved children's lives.Children are our future. We fight for this future together with partners and people who help through donations. In children's hospitals of Ukraine, there is a need for a cardiological portable ultrasound device, model - PHILIPS CX50x MATRIX, an expert-class portable ultrasound device with a set of sectoral sensors for cardiology examinations of children and adults (S8-3, S5-1; S4-2; S12-4; S7 -3t, X7-2t; L12-5 5), set of sensors: S8-3, S5-1; S4-2; S12-4; S7-3t, X7-2t; L12-5 50.3.

RAISED - $2090

gOAL - $1.840.000

dONORS - 24

Our foundation raises funds to purchase consumables and cardiology equipment for children's hospitals our foundation raises funds to purchase consumables and cardiology equipment for children's hospitals. For the purchase and delivery of bottled water and medicines. Together we are a force that can do a lot of good

  • What we need

    ● bottled water for the hospital● bandaging materials● medications● PHILIPS CX50X MATRIX

  • Volunteer center

    If you want to send humanitarian aid, here is the shipping address: Okszowska st. 14, 22-100 Chełm, Poland.
    Please contact us before shipping aid.


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If you are in need of temporary asylum, humanitarian aid, or other assistance, please contact us in any convenient way.

Contact us for the nearest "Helping War Victims" center address. You can call us, write to us by email, on social networks, or come to our volunteer center in Ukraine.