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The reality of the present times is hard to comprehend, but it is incredibly important to do this, because only by realizing it, it is possible to change it.
Every single person has a goal to live a fulfilling life, to bring value to the world through their activities and to make our world better. So, frankly speaking, absolutely every one of us, no matter where we are: e.g., in Ukraine or Canada, Japan or the United States, and what we do, we can contribute our part of kind deeds to improve this world. In particular, we have such an opportunity when we help others.
Recently, the familiar world for many Europeans and the whole world has turned upside down, even more so for Ukrainians. This is especially true for more than two million people who are left without a roof over their heads, without warmth and coziness, comfort, and most importantly — without any security guarantees.

The entire Ukrainian families are forced to flee from the war, not knowing whether they will ever return to their homes. The main problem is that their homes no longer exist. The houses that were being built for years, even decades, were completely destroyed by the russian missiles. We hope that after the de-occupation of the territories and restoration of the housing stock, the Ukrainians will be able to return to their homes, which is only a matter of time. But this time is passing, and about two million people spend it in unfavorable conditions for life and health. Of course, for physical, moral, and psychological comfort, everyone needs A cozy place to live where they feel safe. And we have a solution that can help about three thousand Ukrainians! This solution is modular houses. They have many advantages, but most importantly, they will give coziness and comfort to people who have lost them.

RAISED - $2.600

gOAL - $26.500.000

dONORS - 50

The buildings are created from ready-made, prefabricated constructions (modules). The prefabricated constructions of the residential modules are complete temporary housing, with a living area from 16 m2 to 69 m2, standard rooms, an autonomous sewage system, and AN electricity supply.In the towns of temporary ACCOMMODATION, it is planned to ORGANIZE the kindergartens, schools, medical and first aid stations, and infrastructure facilities.If you have any doubts about the durability and safety of such a quick modular housing, we hasten to dispel them.The components of the supporting structure are hot-dip galvanized, the wall panels are 2400x2500x150 mm, the floor and ceiling panels are 1200x4800x200 mm, and the internal panels are sized according to the project.It is also really important: THE structural and finishing materials are made of non-combustible substances. And the energy-saving technologies allow the use in any climatic conditions.The reuse of already installed constructions without the loss of the structural and aesthetic properties is possible due to the application of reusable fasteners in the assembly process and the developed original nodes. 

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The design process also includes the possibility of complete autonomy IN providing electricity, water supply, wastewater, and sewage systems. When using the construction for the organization of housing, the project provides a complete set of furniture and household appliances. The organization of additional space on the exploited roof allows to increase the comfort of people who will live in these premises, which are organized both on a temporary and permanent basis.

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Thus, on the area of 5 hectares of land, it is possible to organize a place of compact accommodation for 2.5 to 3 thousand people, taking into account the needs of people with limited mobility, with a total area of residential premises up to 24 thousand square meters, and with the infrastructure facilities such as a school, a kindergarten, a medical center, a coffee shop, a canteen, etc.
So, let's summarize the advantages of these modular houses:- a full-fledged and fully-equipped accommodation;- the excellent speed of construction and commissioning;- the high quality of materials and technologies used here allows to guarantee a long-term and multi-cycle exploitation (at least 10 years), with the possibility of its extension;- the short terms of delivery of the modular building sets and equipment;- the installation is carried out without the use of welding joints;- all the metal parts are made of galvanized steel or are hot-dip galvanized.
Such modular houses are especially popular in Scandinavian countries, the USA, Western Europe, and now — in Ukraine. Indeed, this is one of the options to quickly and reliably create a place for the life of people who have unjustly lost the opportunity to fully continue it. We can help — let's help, please!


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