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Imagine a world where a graphic novel could bridge the gap between languages, where the images within its pages speak louder than words. Our mission is to turn this dream into a reality by creating a graphic novel that will convey the untold story of Ukraine's fateful day, February 24, 2022. This graphic novel is not just a book, it's a visual journey through history that transcends borders and languages.
As we bring this graphic novel to life, we aim to translate it into 33 foreign languages. Through the power of juxtaposed pictorial and other images, we aim to answer the question, "What's the difference between a graphic novel and a comic book?" Our work as illustrators, publishers, and supporters of this project is about using sequential art to tell a story that captures the essence of that day, a day that forever changed lives.

It's the beginning of a great graphic novels

This is not your typical comic book, it's a testament to the resilience of a nation. It's a visual masterpiece that chronicles the events in history, and it's an opportunity for individuals worldwide to connect with the heart-wrenching and heroic stories that unfolded on that fateful day.
But our mission continues beyond there. The sale of this graphic novel will fund the creation of a training center for orphans. It's about giving these young readers a chance for a brighter future and making a lasting impact in education.

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We invite you to join this journey and contribute to our cause. Your donation will help us raise the funds needed for this project through crowdfunding and charitable acts. As a donator or donor, you'll support the creation of a graphic novel and contribute to a more significant cause. The world of graphic novels is vast, and it's a medium that can convey complex stories and emotions in ways traditional books cannot. It's a world where images in deliberate sequence form the narrative, where art tells a story that transcends words. We are not just creating a comic book; we are giving life to an alternate history of events in Ukraine that will resonate with readers across the globe.
Join us in this endeavor to turn dreams into reality by using images to create a legacy. Together, we will explore the potential of the graphic novel format, provide a window into a different world, and make a difference in the lives of children. Your contribution is not just a donation; it's a gift that opens doors to education and hope. 
The journey begins with your choice to be part of something bigger. You can make a change, and you can make a difference in the lives of these children. We invite you to pick up this book, read the comic, and become part of this complex graphic novel that is more than just a memoir—it's a testament to the power of storytelling through art.
Let's embark on this journey not as mere contributors but as supporters of a vision that aims to change lives. Together, we will make a difference. Together, we will make history.


Support Artists, translators, and illustrators

This fundraiser will also help the team involved in the creation of comic books and graphic novels. This will be a graphic novel series that will showcase and break new short stories. This is the first graphic novel whose plot and superhero are taken from real life. 

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