A heavily damaged building in the aftermath of a conflict, with fire damage and exposed beams visible on the upper floors

Bakhmut... Peaceful, small, comfortable city of the Donetsk region in the east of Ukraine. A happy ukrainian city!!!! Ever since 2014, when the russian army invaded the territory of our sovereign, independent country, the city has seen the war... This is when you are grateful that you woke up in the morning alive, when you do not sleep in your clean, warm bed, but sleep between two walls, hiding from possible shelling, with collected documents and things. This is when if you went to a neighboring city, the transport in which you are traveling can be fired upon by the russian army. And like ocean waves during a storm, in 2022, the city was covered by a second, stronger wave... The russian invaders concentrated their main forces in the east of Ukraine. Today, Bakhmut is the epicenter of hostilities. The city is subjected to shelling from all types of artillery, missile, and chemical weapons every day. During 2022, many residents were forced to leave the city, but there are those who stayed there and are trying to survive. A small dispensary and a pharmacy are working.

The city already has a full-fledged humanitarian center catastrophe. If there is a hell in the world, it is now in Bakhmut. Our heroic Ukrainian military is firmly holding the defense. The Russian terrorists are unable to break through it and enter the rear, enter the further operational space, and move towards the cities controlled by Ukraine in Donetsk region — Pokrovsk, Sloviansk, and Kramatorsk. We have no right to let this terrible Russian "gangrene" creep further into the civilized world!!!! At the moment, both the civilian population and the military are in great need of help (food, hygiene products, medicines, help in restoring of the damaged housing) — they need emergency help every day!!!! There are many injured Ukrainian defenders!!!! The city is still breathing — it wants to survive and recover to a new life!!!! Only by opening our hearts together can we help!!!!

A refugee girl from Ukraine sits on the ground next to a suitcase


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